Short Videos on Biblical Storytelling
How to Read a Gospel (Part 1)
iPUB creates 2-minute free videos on Christianity's Big Ideas and talks to the people about them. Most of the time, I create content for a nonbelieving audience (check out the main YouTube iPUB channel and/or website). When I have some extra time, I create content to help Christians think about how biblical stories sit at the crossroads of the sacred and secular worlds and serve as powerful signposts to God's salvation in Christ.
This series is on how to read a Gospel. More specifically, it's about how to read the Gospel according to Luke.

Zacchaeus Explained Teaser
This teaser is for a sample lesson on Zacchaeus for the Scripture Unbroken video study series produced by iPUB.

Luke 19:1-10 Explained: Zacchaeus
The Gospels can leave a reader feeling as if the Evangelists are sometimes just meandering from story to story. It seems as if there's no immediate relationship between adjacent stories except for the fact that they are linked in a broadly chronological order. This series is intended to dispel this impression and show how careful the Evangelists were in both clustering and ordering their stories.
This introduction to eleven videos on How to Read a Gospel offers an explanation of the story of Zacchaeus in light of the story that precedes it: the healing of a blind man. The two stories appear to be a designed pair that complement one another.
iPUB's mission is to engage the non-believing in meaningful conversation about the Bible and to equip Christians to do the same. Most of the time, I create content for a nonbelieving audience (check out the main iPUB channel and/or website at When I have a little extra time, I draw from my experience of talking to the nonbelieving and create content for Christians. These short videos address biblical passages relevant to Christianity’s public witness. Equip yourself with a robust understanding of Sacred Scripture and its unique Savior.