What We Do

Bill is the creative writer and founder of iPUB. A former atheist, Bill works as a university lecturer in classical languages and Great Books. Occasionally he pretends to be a carpenter and mechanic


John is the digital editor for iPUB’s videos and podcasts. In addition, he helps satisfy the technical demands involved in conducting interviews in a variety of contexts. On the side, John composes his own beats and lyrics: Click here to listen


Alan lives and works in Papua New Guinea, where he teaches English Literature in a secondary school for families of missionaries and Bible translators. In addition, he also has helped to produce various podcasts. You can learn more about his work and the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators here


Dalton handles a portion of the tech side of iPUB. He finished his bachelor's degree in 2016 and has lived in Birmingham, AL. since. He currently works as a front-end web developer for Polar White LLC